Systems Integration

Systems Integration is more than wiring components together. Often an organization’s prior purchasing decisions result in components that are business critical but fail to communicate. Pelican Technologies is a system agnostic developer of integrated data communications applications that operate in the background without the need for human intervention.

Either transactional or timed, batch processing or one event at a time, Pelican has the expertise and experience to build the system that bridges the gap between your existing legacy systems or your newly purchased systems that need integration.

Our former system integrations projects have included:

  • Active RFID to Navis Yard Management
  • Nagios Network Monitoring to Tigerpaw CRM
  • Active RFID to SAP Inventory Control
  • Passive RFID to Paxton Access Control
  • Mobile Barcode Scanner to Legacy Databases
  • Legacy VB Applications to SAP
  • Website Data to Excel Spreadsheets
  • Matrix Access Control to Time Attendance

What Bridge Do You Need To Integrate Your Systems?